9 Aprile 2014
9 Aprile 2014

Metatarsalgia is a vague term that doesn’t define a specific condition, but rather a symptom that has many causes. It is the most common type of foot pian and mainly affects women.

Metatarsalgia, define as pain in the plantar forefoot, is usually associated with abnormal pressure-loading at the heads of the metatarsals, and is confirmed by the development of hyperkeratosis in the plantar region of the metatarsal heads.Percutaneous surgical procedures.
A 0,5 cm incision is made in the intermetatarsal space immediately behind the dorsal interdigital fold. The incision should be parallel to the estensor tendons. Fluoroscopy is used to confirmed the correct position of the osteotomy site on the metatarsal neck and the angle of the cut, with should be 45* relative to the long axis of the metatarsal and in the dorsal-distal to proximal-plantar direction. No internal fixation is requested, immediate weighbearing is allowed so that the metatarsal head can adopt an ideal position to achieve balanced weighbearing distribution.